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NETGEAR WAG511 Dual Band Wireless PC Card Reviewed

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Since NETGEAR is holding off on shipping their tri-mode AP and router, I had to make do with a combination of their WAB102 802.11a/b and WG602 draft-11g [reviewed here] Access Points to put the WAG511 through its paces. Since the table below shows a summary of the draft-11g test results, I’ll start there.

The draft-11g performance seems to provide the best combination of speed and range in my residential test environment. The table shows surprisingly consistent performance in three of my test locations, with performance degrading slightly at my longest range test point. Figure 7 shows the results from my Chariot tests.

NETGEAR WAG511 - 11g throughput plot

Figure 7 : Draft-11g throughput
(click on the image for a full-sized view)

Although the plots are a little tough to make out, I think you can get the general picture. I also ran a throughput check with WEP enabled, which is shown in Figure 8.

NETGEAR WAG511 - w, w/o WEP

Figure 8: With and without WEP
(click on the image for a full-sized view)

The difference between average throughputs is only about 4%, which I say is close enough and probably within the accuracy of my measurements.

The WAG511′s performance is definitely superior to that of the NETGEAR’s Intersil-based WG511 single-band draft-11g card, shown in Figure 9.

NETGEAR WG602- Throughput test

Figure 9: Four Condition Throughput – NETGEAR WG511 and WG602
(click on the image for a full-sized view)

This is the plot from the WG602 review, where I used the same WG602, with the same 1.04.00 firmware. I think the results speak for themselves.

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